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 Benefits of fruits

Have you ever wondered how ancient people were in good health?

Have you ever wondered how ancient people were free of chronic diseases?

Have you ever wondered how ancient people were free of cancer diseases?

Have you ever wondered how ancient people live more than 100 years old?

The secret is the health benefits of fruit !!


 Fruits seem to be a food that has been enjoyed  from the earliest of times.  Most of us like fruits because they are the easiest foods to eat.  Fruits need no cooking or preparation and it can made into salads, ice cream and juices   Fruits can  be made into delicious jams and jellies, Fruits can be dried and  preserved easily.

 Benefits of fruits for our health

Fruits have many benefits  ,Fruits contain good amount of sugar that provide human body  with energy  fruit are very good sources of several vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber which are necessary for human body   Fruits are very excellent  source of vitamin C and A which are antioxidants and prevent free radicals and cancer diseases

 By eating fruits you protect your self from cancer diseases ,heart attack , hair loss and get healthy bones,healthy skin and boost your immune  system

Benefits of fruits for our skin

fruits are beneficial for our skin  , many kinds of fruits are contain vitamin C which are necessary for our skin , as vitamin C is  very important for collagen production in our bodies ,also collagen has anti aging property , reduce the size and appearance of wrinkles, accelerate the healing of wounds, keeps skin soft and reduces signs of aging.

Do you know what is the correct way of eating fruits?

It means that you shouldn’t eat fruits after your meals!   yes… Don’t Eat Fruits after Your Meal!!!

 Fruits should be eaten on an empty stomach.

If you eat fruit on an empty stomach, it will play a great  role to boost your  immune system, provide you with a great amount of energy and help you to lose your weight

Lets take an example if  you eat two slices of bread and then you eat  slice of fruit. The slice of fruit is easily to go straight through the stomach into the intestines, but the slices of bread prevent the slice of fruit from doing so.

Many people suffering from digestive problems after eating fruits ,because the don’t eat fruits on an empty stomach

So please eat your fruits on an empty stomach or before your meals!

How to drink fruit Juice?

When you need to drink fruit juice don’t drink juice from cans, drink only fresh fruit juice. Don’t drink juice that has been heated up or  cooked because heated or cooked juice loss many benefits of the fruits , vitamins and minerals .

If you drink the fruit juice, drink it slowly, to let it mix with your saliva before swallowing it.

Fruits contain essential minerals and vitamins that help and protect body from diseases, all kinds of fruits is a natural remedy for many diseases and  also all kinds of fruits are antioxidant which protect against cancer diseases and prevent cell damage

Health Benefits of fruit are uncountable all kinds of fruits have many benefits for health and high nutrition value

Fruits have many health benefits for body and contain many kind of vitamins like vitamin C, E, D, and B complex

Also Fruits have many benefits for our body as it contain many kinds of minerals like iron, manganese, sodium ,magnesium and potassium .

Also fruits protect against many chronic diseases like Cancer, hypertension, cholesterol, and diabetes.

Fruits are beneficial for those who want to lose weight, improve health, and regulate the blood circulation and digestion

Colors of the fruits

Each  color found in the fruits has a specific benefits , Find out the benefits of each color.

Red fruits 

The red fruits protect against heart disease, prevent blood clots and improve blood circulation

Red fruit is rich source of antioxidants which protect against cancer diseases

Red fruits contain lycopene which  is antioxidant and gives the red fruits their red color

Green fruits 

Green fruits boost the immune system, good for eyes and skin    fruits

Yellow and orange fruits 

Yellow and orange fruits contain high amount of carotene which used by the body to make vitamin A

Yellow and orange fruits is good source of vitamin C and vital for eyes and skin

White fruits

White fruits are good for lowering cholesterol , regulate blood pressure and preventing cancer


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